Comp Lyfe RDTA



Introducing the all NEW Comp Lyfe RDTA! With this blast from the past, you can relive the nostalgia of rebuildable dripping tank atomizers, modernized with customizable rings/caps still to come! This RDTA utilizes our Battle Deck 24 for a bigger build deck, except now with pockets for cotton on each side of the posts, and a juice fill channel located within the deck itself. Three main pieces make up this design, and the deck uses the same Battle Deck 24 parts except now with a longer 510 pin.

  • Two Sizes: 24mm for 18650 Mods & 28.5mm for 20700/21700 Mods
  • Two Material Options: Brass Tank with Brass Ring, or Stainless Tank with Anodized Ring

  • Brass: Includes Copper Post/510 Pin and Copper Post Screws
  • Stainless: Includes Silver Post/510 Pin and Raw Ti post Screws

Standard Option sits flush with 18650 mods, while the Magnum Option sits flush with 21700 mods. All RDTAs are compatible with Battle Deck 24 Caps, not included.