Predator | Mods + Caps


Predator Mini Mod | 18350

Manufacturer Recommendations
  • Batteries: We recommend the black+yellow Aspire 18350 15 AMP 1300 MAH batteries. Available through our site HERE.
  • Build: We recommend 28g dual parallels, 6 wraps around a 3mm diameter.
  • Resistance: The range to stay within is a 0.25 to a 0.35 ohm build.


Predator Mod | 18650

THE Iconic, single 18650 mech tube! With stunning appearance this mod ranked the most favored designs made by Comp Lyfe. As of 8/10/18 our Predator mods will no longer have the teeth around the 510 crown, allowing more options for the customer to use various atomizers.


Predator Magnum DoubleDouble | 18650

Magnum sized, 18650 Predator DoubleDouble combos in grey/black (distressed) & green/black (distressed). These tubes can be stacked, but if you want to use any of our 20700 magnum mods on these DoubleDouble tubes you will need to use an XL Donut Contact in the top of the 20700 magnum mod, and a standard Donut Contact in-between both 18650 batteries.

  • Grey/Black Distressed DD Combo Includes: Saw Blade DDiesel, Predator Magnum DoubleDouble Tube (Brass), Saw Blade Housing (Copper), Matching Distressed Collector Series Button (Brass) and a Tall Silver Donut Contact.
  • Green/Black Distressed DD Combo Includes: Knurled DDiesel, Predator Magnum DoubleDouble Tube (Brass), Knurled Housing (Brass), Matching Distressed Collector Series Button, and a Tall Silver Donut Contact.

Predator Magnum Mod | 20700

This mod was created to be used with a 20700 battery. If you wish to use an 18650 battery, you will need to purchase an XL donut contact to go ON TOP of the battery. Sold Separately.

*Color patterns on anodized mods/caps may vary slightly. Chameleon and blue anodizing may show tool markings where the item is handled for anodizing.