Exotic Predator Mods (18350 | 18650 | 20700)

Comp Lyfe


When precious metals are milled into perfection, the unique pattern within the material is exposed to express it's natural beauty! Whether it's anodized, heat treated, or raw material, these pieces are for serious collectors who respect the beauty of the material and the care that goes into the customization and design of the products.

Spotlighting Anodized Timascus, Heat Treated Stainless Steel Damascus, and Black Timascus:

Specifically, 3 styles of the Predator Mod have been made from Anodized Timascus.  The only style currently made from Heat Treated SS Damascus is The Predator Mod (18650) See below!!!

Anodized Timascus:

  • 18350 Predator Mini
  • 18650 Predator Mod
  • 20700 Predator Magnum

Heat Treated SS Damascus:

  • 18650 Predator Mod

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