Swiss Mod



All sale mods come with a corresponding Certificate of Authenticity; standard mod bag packaging not included. 

**Hydrodipped mods/caps: Mods and caps were dipped as a set to ensure the pattern is continuous. Hydrodipped patterns may vary slightly from product photo. Since they are hydrodipped, you will see some slight imperfections such as: a vertical seam going down the back of the mod where the pattern connects, slight imperfections at the top/bottom of the cap and/or the top/bottom of the tube. When the mod is fully assembled (including a drip tip) you will not see the majority of these imperfections.


Comp Lyfe Limited Lifetime Warranty: Applies to manufacturers defects only. This does not include normal wear and tear, cross-threading, broken magnets, abuse, loss or theft. If you have a question about our warranty policy (or you need to submit a claim) please email Cloned Comp Lyfe items are not valid under warranty. Please do not post on social media if you have an issue and expect your problem to be solved immediately. Refer to the bottom of our website for more information. 

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