Mini Mod Series (18350 Edition)


We're taking it back with our limited edition 18350 Mini Mod Series! 

Why A Mini? Our Mini Mods are geared towards collectors seeking enhanced flavor, higher nicotine strengths, and of course- those who prefer a more compact device. 

  • X Mini Mod (brass) $124.99

Pair your mini with a cap engineered for the ultimate experience! The smaller air flow offers increased flavor, warmth, and density- compared to standard Comp Lyfe air flow.

  • Battle Cap S 22mm (brass) | compatible w/ BD#24 $69.99
Manufacturer Recommendations
  • Batteries: We recommend the black+yellow Aspire 18350 15 AMP 1300 MAH batteries. Available through our site HERE.
  • Build: We recommend 28g dual parallels, 6 wraps around a 3mm diameter.
  • Resistance: The range to stay within is a 0.25 to a 0.35 ohm build.

Please email with any questions about this device. DO NOT STACK.

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