The Comp Disk

Comp Lyfe

                          *********THE COMP BUTTON SOLD SEPARATE********                     The Comp Disk By Comp Lyfe Threads To The Comp Button To Help You easily accessorize your Mod. Each Disc Is Sold Separately. The Comp Disc Also Work On The Avid Lyfe Keyswitch Buttons.


Use the Comp Button and Comp Disc at your own risk. This external button assembly does not lock and could possibly be pressed if mod is in pocket, purse, backpack, bag or other similar situations. Comp Lyfe is NOT responsible for how you use and treat your mod assembly. We recommend you use the magnets that come stock with your Comp Lyfe mod (reducing magnets in the button may result in unintended firing). Comp Lyfe is NOT responsible in the case of an incident from improper use. When used properly, the Comp Button and Comp Disc is a a great way to change the appearance and functionality of your mod.

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