Why buy a Comp Lyfe Mod?

February 22, 2017 1 Comment

Why buy a Comp Lyfe Mod?

     In the age that a lot of people seemed to have forgotten or moved on from mechanical mods, what makes ours special? You can't imagine how many people really want to know why they should buy a mod from Comp Lyfe rather than another company. These are my personal thoughts on the question, and should not be taken as some sort of fact to use at your next vape shop argument. At best, these will be good points to think about whilst coming up with a rebuttal.

     Let's jump right into it! In my opinion there are quite a few reasons to buy a Comp Lyfe mod, but I will try to stay on topic and only speak to the 'bigger reasons'. First and before all other issues, we care. We really do care. So when you buy a mod, you're not going to Mech-Mart and buying a mod. You're buying it from a small artisan shop in the old part of town. Ya know, the mom and pop shop that your dad went to. Why did your dad go there? Good question, it's because he wanted a product that was going to do EXACTLY what it was supposed to do when he wanted it done. The way we see it, anything you buy should do this, and if it doesn't you should be able to call someone up and get it fixed. We aren't afraid of failure. Failure means we tried our hardest and something came out wrong, but we get the opportunity to fix it. So anytime you have a problem we are here and WILL get back to you and see what we can do to help.

     Since I started talking about a product that you can rely on, let's talk about that. When you pick up a Comp Lyfe mod, are you worried it's not going to work? Hell no. Why is that? Probably because it's made with the best metals that we thought would work best for our products. You can drop em, and pick em right back up and keep going. Now, I'm not suggesting that you go toss your mod to prove a point, but seriously, these mods are tough. Also, you'd probably have a nick or two from whatever surface was unlucky enough to catch a Comp Lyfe mod plummeting to the ground like the Hulk. Another thing! Have you seen our machining? I mean come on man, that's that good good. When you order a mod, we check every one of them before they go out (more on that in a different series). When you buy a heat treated or custom anodized, you're not buying that from a set of 5, you're getting the 1of1 treatment.

     I want to wrap this up by saying it as simply as possible. When you spend money on any Comp Lyfe product you know what you're getting and we know you'll love it. I want to thank everyone that is involved with keeping this humble endeavor going and pushing us into this exciting new stage. Even though we are growing, we'll never be too big to still back up our products and help you guys out.

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Nick Swartz
Nick Swartz

December 22, 2017

This is truth!

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