CompLyfe Takeover: The Beginning

January 18, 2017

CompLyfe Takeover: The Beginning

     First! I want to say this has been an EXTREMELY tiring process, but the journey brought with it plenty of excitement! As most of you know, we are in our first week after moving our entire warehouse to a new location. A few things to cover in this first blog post of 2017:

  • New Warehouse
  • Shipping/Ordering Issues
  • New Products
  • What to expect in 2017

     The new warehouse is quite frankly awesome. As some of you may know from watching various Facebook live videos, the older warehouse was just too small for us. Things were every where. As you can imagine, this strained the whole process and was making it hard for us to keep up our reputation of being speedy and providing our LEGENDARY customer service (I do some customer service stuff so I'm allowed to say this). With this new warehouse we are able to move freely and have all of our products on the same floor in an aisle pattern. This means our guys can get to your items faster which in turn means that we will be able to pack your orders and generate your labels at LIGHTNING fast speeds (for anyone unsure, we can not in fact work at the speed of lightning). Another perk of the new warehouse is getting people like Justin, Beth, and Brad new work spaces with the proper space and desk setups to promote a better environment for productivity. This equates to better and faster customer service, which makes all of you guys/gals 'much happy'.

     In the spirit of keeping these fairly short and sweet we segue into addressing shipping/ordering issues a few people seem to be having. We have updated our system to process payments. Why? Because FRAUD, that's why! Fraud is bad. With our new system, as long as everything is typed exactly as your bank has on file, there should be no problems. We CAN NOT control who get's their payment information through, that is not us; that is our processor. Many shipping issues stem from people thinking that we have control over the UNITED STATES Postal Service. Unfortunately, we do not. Once your package is in their hands, it's out of ours. Now, if you are wondering why your order that you placed at 12a.m. on Saturday has not been packed by Sunday, ask yourself, "Did they have time, considering they don't work on Saturdays or Sundays, and come in on Monday?"

     Moving on! Everyone loves information on New Products. Trust us, we have MANY things in the works coming to you guys in just a few weeks. If you like dates, remember this date: February 1st, 2017. BOOM that is going to be a magical day.

     Last, but most important, for the coming year we only have a few humble plans. Be the best that we can be for our customers, continue to innovate, and strive to build a bigger family. Remember you can always contact us, we will get to you.

     I hope you enjoyed this brief reading and look forward to more. Have a good day. Skulls UP.


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