Brad's Workshop...The Human Swiss Army Knife

February 10, 2017

Brad's Workshop...The Human Swiss Army Knife

     You guys/gals may or may not know Brad but I think that through the course of things you will get to learn about the mysterious guy we call Brad.

A few things that the Brad is responsible for so far:

  • Brad's Caps
  • Titanium Wallets
  • Anodizing
  • Splatter anodizing all tha things

     Without boring you with all of the Brad's accomplishments let's get into why he is the 'Human Swiss Army Knife'. How about just a small story to start out?

      Once upon a time, Beth (handles all of your orders and shipping woes), needed a can of pineapples opened but didn't have a can opener...but we had a Brad. Normal people might do something like punch a small triangle shaped hole and work it around the edges enough to get a hole big enough to get the pineapples out. Hell, you might even resort to some srvival tactics of rubbing the can on some concrete or something. Not the Brad. See, Brad likes knives as I'm sure most of you can relate to. The Brad always has no less than 5 knives on him. We're not talkin China Bazaar knives either people. Brad takes the can upstairs to his workshop. About 2 minutes later you hear the sound of what could be a hammer hitting the floor. Approximately 5 minutes later Brad appears with a can of pineapples that looks like what you would imagine a shark opening a can would look like.

     Knowing this small story about Brad will help give you an idea of what to expect in further updates on the Brad. Thank for reading and I hope you found it interesting, because if you didn't....

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